Questions for Allies (Gay Bars - Straight Bars)

There was an article about misogyny in gay male culture back in January. One of the issues mentioned was how gay bars are not always safe for straight women. While I agree with the overall issue, it seemed strange that the majority group is complaining that the minority space is not safe for them because - well, why do you need the minority group's space in the first place?

1. So here's the first question: if gay men can carve out a space for themselves in the bar scene, and lesbians can carve out their own bars too, why not straight women doing the same? Some kind of bar scene only for straight women(no gay men, no lesbians, no straight men, etc). Why hasn't this happened yet? Legal issues? Economic issues? Straight men not letting it happen? Or something else?


After all, there is a lot more money to be made from a straight-women-only bar rather than a gay or lesbian bar(if we put the gay population roughly around 5%, that's 95 straight patrons for every 5 gay patrons).

Like I said, when it comes to economics and business, the majority group almost always holds more power.

2. Second question: gay bars are there because straight bars are not safe for gay people. So, what are straight women doing to make straight bars safe for us? Yes, I understand that straight bars are not necessarily safe for straight women either, but alongside making these bars safe for other women, as an ally how do you specifically make straight bars safe for gays and lesbians? (Surely, while we'll pull our weight to make our bars safe for you, it is fair to ask that you do the same?)

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